Ephesus and Pamukkale

CR and KN Williams
Sat 29 Jun 2013 10:08


37.01N 27.15E


Saturday 29th June, 2013


Lovely 2 days sailing with 20 odd knots of wind on or behind the beam giving us 5-6knts (good for me!). Going South down the coast, much nicer than going North when we were using 50% more fuel than before because ‘they all say’ you have to run the engine at near max revs; at least you get there quickly. Kusadarsi was as far North as we went and visited Ephesus which was brilliant and Pamukkale which was like a Duke of Edinburgh Award course. First we walked about a mile along a road full of broken sarcophagi at midday with no shade, half way I said C’s leg was hurting (which was a lie, mine were) and we hopped on a bus for the second half. After half an hour of sitting under a tree our hot and tired companions arrived and then trudged off to a very beautiful limestone slope with water running over it. We had to take our shoes off so when we weren’t sliding all over the place we were treading on small knives; it was only a mile long and C hung onto the guide and wouldn’t let go, I just went very slowly – one broken leg is quite enough for the moment.



Nike – the Greek goddess of victory!



At the bottom of a very long and slippery journey


Winds can get up especially at night so we are being a bit wet and going to a (new) marina near Bodrum.




There are very few sheltered anchorages with good holding on this stretch of coast so we are heading back to the gulf with Orhaniye at the head. Anchored in a bay with gusts of 30 plus kn is not conducive to a good night’s sleep. We are using the wind to zoom down the coast and after tonight in a marina at Turgetreis, we will be round the corner at Knidos where there are lots of bays and harbours.

Kusadasi was a mega tourist town and this coast is known as the concrete coast. Thank goodness the Datca peninsula is a national park.