West coast of Phuket

CR and KN Williams
Mon 4 Feb 2013 08:45

8.40N 97.39E


Monday 4th February, 2013


We’ve had an interesting few days, not entirely perfect. Only breakdown is the port side electric winch which I’ve yet to look at and a fuel line which came adrift and was easy to put back (I’d put it on in the first place).

Two problems with the West coast of Phuket, jetskis and waves.


On one beach there were no fewer than 6 morons whizzing past everyone at 30+ knots making huge amounts of wash and noise. They are just like, and have the mentality of, insects which are very noisy and annoying but go home at sunset. Sadly they are not killed by DEET but every time one kills himself I cannot resist a small cheer. C wanted to go to a very posh beach restaurant for lunch but I was unenthusiastic mainly because of the noise of the jetskis.


We’ve had 2 very rolly nights, both so bad we could barely sleep. Last night we found a nice place in the Similian Islands (no 8 for those with charts, number 4 was awful). There  are dozens of tripper boats full of Russians and Koreans which come all through the day but I don’t mind them,. By sheer chance we got to a restaurant before the lunch gong went;  when it did hoards of them descended on the pre-paid buffet (C was nearly arrested for pinching a desert spoon of rice for her chicken curry).

Staying here all day today just mending little things and watching the masses. Apparently National Park Rangers demand £12 a day but a) C says it’s worth it for the buoys and b) we haven’t seen any yet.




It is lovely just to be out of the marina and at sea again. For 2 days we had lots of wind on the beam and had some really good sailing. I think I am beginning to work out where the swell is coming from so hopefully we can avoid the rolly nights. Also the famous Phuket beaches with jetskis and paragliders. Definitely better viewed from afar.

Next week we will go back to the E. side which has small islands with cliffs and caves.

The beach here is empty before 9a.m. and after 3.30p.m. I am very happy to be able to swim from the boat and avoid all the sand and trippers. The problem with the Russian holidaymakers is that they don’t smile or laugh. Weird.