on our way to pastures new

CR and KN Williams
Wed 19 Jun 2013 09:08

36.51N 27.22E

Wednesday 19th June 2013.

After a delightful time with Ogun and Semra we went back to Knidos and stayed overnight. I don’t mind at all about an 8 TL fee to visit the ruins, but the barbed wire fence around it is a bit of an eyesore.


We all know about Liberian oil tankers, but the same thing is happening with yachts now.
Half the yachts here are registered in Wilmington Delaware and fly the American flag. Sunsail have this shady deal whereby you give them your yacht and they allow you 6 weeks a year on it and then charter it to a bunch of who knows who. After 5 years you get it back with the holding tank full of German and Russian faeces. They’ve obviously opened up an office in France because the other half are flying French flags. None of this much matters except that the port of registration and the flag mean nothing; when one very slowly and carefully constructs a greeting in French you’ll like as not receive a reply in Polish.




We were going to anchor at Knidos but after dragging a couple of times Keith had had enough and we tied to the jetty. Just as well as the wind got up in the night and in the morning most of the anchored boats had gone so they must have had a fun night. We went to the restaurant for a beer but they only had Tuborg so I settled for a diet coke and an ice cream instead. The fridge full of fish looked long dead so we had roast beef and roast potatoes on board even though it wasn’t Sunday.

Heading N today with the wind on the nose. Only about 10kn so motoring. We have not been beyond Bodrum before so it will be good to explore some new places.