CR and KN Williams
Sat 29 May 2010 03:25
18 51 S 159 48W
Friday May 28
We finally left Rarotonga yesterday after nearly 2 weeks. Posh dinghy has been patched up but no longer looks posh. Just hope it stays inflated. The anchor windlass seems to be working but we have had problems with the chart cartridge for the chartplotter.
6 boats from the world ARC rally appeared in the harbour and have been very friendly and helpful..they have all had lots of breakages and problems which makes me feel better. Also they thought the trip from Bora Bora was horrid and 2 people were sick for the 1st time for 2 years so we are not just wimps (actually neither of us was sick, but just preferred Brittany Ferries - K).
We went fishing and K caught a 6kg tuna- the only catch of the day. I did think it was a bit like watching a goalless draw at football.
Lots of nice restaurants and half the price of Tahiti..No chic French and Italian honeymooners but really nice New Zealanders.A bit like the channel Islands with hot weather.
We were going to leave 2 days ago but it was grey and squally with N.E. winds (we have headed N.) The wind was 14 knots when we did leave but then got up to 25 again with horrid seas overnight.I felt like a James Bond martini.
Here we are sheltered behind a reef and are anchored outside the lagoon until high tide tomorrow when we will brave the pass (only 100ft wide and 8ft deep) .
Clare failed to mention the water/miicrocrobes/industrial effleunt we found in our diesel tank,it only took 2 days to clean out.