free at last

CR and KN Williams
Sun 20 Jun 2010 03:33
18.42S 174.02W
Sunday 20th June
Our starter motor has been fixed by a fantastic Scot (is this an oxymoron?) from the Moorings who thankfully had few calls from his real customers. He charged 1/20th of the cost in the Solent. Anyway we're up and about again having got a tiny bit stir crazy in the harbour, lovely though it was. Only complaint is that the airwaves are full of people endlessly asking each other whether they farted after lunch or had cornflakes or readybrek for breakfast (note I diplomaticaly fail to specify the nationallity). I gather we gave the Aussies a sound thrashing they won't forget for a long time (21/20).
C has complained that in 9  weeks she was never been able to swim off the boat (because of all the poo which was there) but now has a pristine bay which not even a cow has invaded (I did see a horse though). She says it's too cold.

We had a lovely sail down to a pretty bay. No swell in between the islands which is bliss.   
I have swum today although the water is only 26.5 and it is very windy.It is midwinter here ! We did have a couple of lovely days on a mooring in Raiatea but mostly have been in a harbour or anchored off a wharf so have had to go to a beach to swim.Vavau in N. Tonga ,where we are, is an area of beautiful bays and islands with about 10 miles between them. Ideal cruising but we will need to move on to Fiji soon.
Such a relief to have the engine starting again. It took the chaps 2 visits to work out the problem and then find us a new switch.[auxiliary starter solenoid...doesn't get a mention in the manual]