2 days out of the Tuamotus

CR and KN Williams
Tue 19 May 2009 06:02

13.48S 145.27W


Monday 18th May


For the first time this year we’ve had some moderately unpleasant weather. Having had the engine on for most of the last 3 days, overnight winds got up to 27kts with seas to match and pouring rain. Forced to go south of where we’d like, and heading for the “Isles Des Desappointement”; they’re next to the “Isles du Roi George” so it seems even the French can’t be bothered to change their names to something more Gallic. Although tempted to try them out I think, when the wind (still 22kts) and seas have settled down a bit, ( at least 2 metres on the beam – not nice ) we’ll tack back to where we’re going and take the jib pole down. I find the pole a bit of a mixed blessing, it took 4 tries to get it up and working without lots of chafe on the jibsheets and we broke 3 blocks in the process and, although it’s good when the wind is right, it can be a real pain when you need to change course every 3 hours; I obviously need to go on a shore based sailing course.


No new breakages!!!




We have now taken down the pole which means we can change course easily when the wind shifts all over in the tricksy squalls. They don’t always show up on the radar so sneak up at night.

When you are out in the middle of the ocean it is much easier to just go 20 or 30 degrees off course for a bit but I now see why these islands are called the dangerous archipelago because the wind seems to lure you in.

Anyway we now seem to be going in the right direction ! The boat GPS turned itself off 2 nights ago. It is back working and at least we know that the old hand held one works well which is good.

After all this excitement I am looking forward to some days relaxing in the sheltered lagoon.