Back in the Reas

CR and KN Williams
Thu 4 Apr 2019 19:45

42.46N 8.57W

Portosin, Thursday  4th April, 2019

We arrived back yesterday to a nice flat for 3 weeks. Muros was lovely but our propshaft and stern gland need doing so we had to cross the bay for a liftout to get it done. The weather has been absolutely awful with freezing cold, driving sleet and rain and 30 knot winds. I didn’t want to bring my anorak from Wimbledon but Clare thankfully packed it anyway; it looks set in for the rest of the week. The trip over was cold and wet but otherwise OK. The only new problem so far was a duff engine battery (we think it’s 10 years old so it needs replacing); thankfully the engine control panel could already reroute the domestic batteries in parallel to act as augmenters.