now in Curacao

CR and KN Williams
Fri 29 Feb 2008 12:48
Tuesday, 26/2/08
Not very much to report over the last few days. Very gently made our way West and now are here where we will be holed up more or less until November. Lovely downwind sailing with a fair amount of roll, but not too much. CD remains on death row until Clare can find a means of stowing a bigger and better one on davits. Our stern already looks like an oil rig.
Having been in the offshore Venezuelan islands for 3 weeks we arrived in Bonaire to find a very posh restaurant at the end of the jetty. Clare was chatting up a frog ( a silver fox, no less ) and she said Bonaire was a bit like St Tropez by comparison. He said that when we got to Curacao then that was more like Marseilles, which is absolutely correct.
Left Les Roques with a lot of wind and rain and anchored in Islas des Aves. Lots of huge birds as you would expect. Remembering Hitchcock we anchored well offshore. Slightly disturbed night with wind gusting at 30 knots but the anchor held beautifully. Bonaire was very civilised but not very much there.
Curacao seems great . Found a fantastic supermarket with lots of fresh meat,fish and veg...the best since leaving Europe I think. It took a whole morning to clear in but even K is getting reconciled to this now and the officials are very nice and helpful even though they want you to fill in the same form in 3 different offices with a 15 minute walk in between ! Have hired a car so we are not dependent on geriatric shopping buses. Taxis are very expensive and buses infrequent.