Back on mainland Spain

CR and KN Williams
Tue 22 Aug 2017 13:02

37.58N 41.16E

Torrevieja, South-East coast of Spain : Tuesday 22nd August, 2017

Got back 10 days ago and then spent a lovely week with Hettie and the girls who seemed to enjoy themselves. Zoe got a wee bit sick on the sea but only for 30 mins and she did what C says I do, which is simply to go quiet and lie down! Otherwise they spent most the time in the B&B swimming pool; the beaches are OK but a bit crowded and nastyish. They spent a surprisingly pleasant night on board but liked their flat on dry land with air conditioning. Weather perfect.

Slowly making progress on the ‘to do’ list; forward looking sounder is up and running, gas and CO monitors replaced and Navionics charts updated (C says I shouldn’t update the chart plotter firmware because if the update goes wrong, the whole machine has to back to Raymarine. I’ll wait until we go back in October).


Having managed to avoid pirates on the high seas we were robbed by a highway lady on the road to Granada to see the Alhambra. Told that our hire car was leaking at the back, we got out to look. Both of us. Really stupid. Nothing of course. Back in the car my handbag was gone. Stopped credit cards but both passports have gone. Will have to go to consulate in Malaga when we get there. Photocopies seem to be ok for hotel and marinas. I have a really long report from the police in Spanish which we cannot understand. Probably says how stupid geriatric tourists are! Luckily Ks old Nokia was in the bag so I still have my iphone. The parador in Granada was lovely and the Alhambra more than just a pile of old stones.

Setting off again for Gibraltar tomorrow.