Still in Muros, more breakages and foul weather

CR and KN Williams
Thu 6 Jun 2019 11:57

42.47N 9.03W

6th June, 2019

Terrible weather, 50+ knts of wind tied up in the harbour and pouring rain; if I had been going to Normandy 75 years ago I'd have turned back!

Back in Portosin it took us 24hrs to get the mast-reefing sail back in (eventually got it by releasing the back stays and hanging my 15 stone off the boom and waving it from side to side), even then the top metre wouldn't furl. A GOOGLEer said you shouldn’t release the back stays with sail furled because it distorts the furling rod, but we had done so in order to get into the boat lift. There was no rigger in Portosin but a sailmaker suggested a chap in Muros so we came the 5 miles back here. On the way we noted that the tachometer only worked intermittently and when not working the battery wasn't charging; even when the rev gauge was working it only put in 3 amps.

The rigger came within an hour or so and soon sprinted up the mast in our bosun’s chair but contemptuously dismissed our mast steps; even I was a bit worried since he also only used one line. My Spanish is poor but I think he concluded that the top bearing of the furling pole was worn and he 'mended' it with WD40, and proclaimed the problem permanently solved. The sail now goes fully in and out but although I remain a little doubtful, I’m certainly not going to go up and check!

The chap who did all the work in Portosin, including an engine service, drove across and said the alternator got far too hot in the 3 mins it was running and has taken it away to service or replace it; plus ça change.

Anyway, the foul weather is here for a few more days so we’ve lost nothing but cash.

Clare cooked a lovely meal including frozen chips, I said they looked like carrots

They turned out to be strange sweet potatoes (? = yams). Tasted fine though.


We arrived in Spain a week ago to hot sun and got the sails on and dinghy sorted with no hassles. Sauntered out to eat lenguado in a pavement cafe and bought langoustines in the market. Then the mainsail jammed and alternator packed up! We are now waiting for decent weather (and an alternator). to head N round Fisterra up to La Coruna
Up to 52 knt in the marina today and torrential rain. We are shut up inside with the blower heater working on shore power. No obvious leaks. Much better than camping. I did wonder why the frozen chips were orange!