At sea

CR and KN Williams
Wed 18 May 2011 03:07
10.41S, 135.30E
17 May, 2011
We have been at sea for 3 days now and should be in Darwin in 3 more days all being well. Apart from the rolling it is very restful not having all those reefs and islands to negociate.
We came out of  Escape River into 30 knots of wind and big seas but once we turned the corner at the top of Australia it all calmed down and we had got the very complex tides right, thank goodness, so raced along past Cape York.
Keith definitely needs a kindle as he is reading books faster than I can blink!
3 lovely days sailing with the wind off the port quarter and genoa only giving us 5-6 kts SOG. Rang up by the Maritime Airborne Patrol halfway across the Gulf of Carpentaria to ask who we were! Very polite but oddly enough we couldn't see or hear them; must be stealth aircraft.
Clare has become very sophisticated and spends ages working out the tides, reefs, where we are going (probably in that order), but also of course the wind.
She even worries about whether the seas will be following or beam on!