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CR and KN Williams
Thu 18 Nov 2010 23:27
21.07S 149.14E
Wednesday 17th November, 2010
Rather sadly missed out on Rembrance Day, but at least I sported a tattered poppy.
Big new expensive IBM computer gave the blue screen of death on several occasions so I reformatted the C: drive and re-installed Windows which sadly can't now find any wireless at all, can't wait to find out why. Anyway, huge progress on various mending fronts including a need for a new engine after only 2000 hours at a mere £10,000 plus fitting.  I think I'll have to go back to work at this rate..
Excellent rugby result which the Australians are ignoring (only golf, tennis and cricket are on their screens)! Although K's computer is playing up my ipad with 3G wifi{ microsim card only $AU30 for a month] is excellent and the GPS on it works too.
New dinghy is very stable and a nice man has sorted out our outboard so I can now start it. Apparently the petrol was stale.
We have bought a very small petrol generator as a back up and the huge one that Guy found, at almost no cost, in Panama is no longer at the foot of K's bed...he may have problems sleeping without it to cuddle up to!
Intending to head off to Whitsunday Islands tomorrow. Gentle trip, only 20 nm.