crowded seas and dangerous volcanos

CR and KN Williams
Sat 17 Jul 2010 19:41
21.00S 170.44E
0715 18/7/2010
C has moved us 20miles to the south to avoid an underwater volcano which was last reported active 15 years ago. She's quite right, one can never be too cautious.
The Pacific now resembles the Solent for traffic, after seing nothing for 4months and 2000 miles we've seen two cargo ships and 2 fishing boats in the last 24 hrs; traffic separation zones next?
Radar is a wonderful thing, my very modest equipment sited 12m above the waterline can pick up a ship 25miles away (at the same time there was one occasion when there was not a glimmer from a 60ft catamaran complete with reflector, only 50yds away). If my little thing can do that I presume the kit on an american aircraft carrier can not only say which direction I'm facing as I type this, but also explain why the keyboard keeps sticking. MARPA is a bit like fluid balance charts, interesting and not to be ignored, but not to be believed either.
I definitely didn't like the look of 'Mont Gemini' 'volcan sous marin'. The least depth seems to be 39m which looks shallow compared with the 2000m of the surrounding ocean and probably causes horrid choppy seas. If it erupted I think we'd be stuffed anyway.
My favourite new toy of the trip is an insulated mug which has an integral cafetiere. Yesterday morning the sun was hot by 8a.m. and there was little wind and calm sea so I found my bikini and some cushions and lounged around drinking real coffee and reading a Clive Cussler thriller. He assumes his readers are thick and explains everything in words of one syllable so no thought or imagination is necessary.