CR and KN Williams
Sun 4 Jul 2010 20:02

17.46S 177.12E


18:00 Sunday 4th  July


Couldn't be better, a takeaway curry arrives at our boat which was superb, slight problem was that it was unasked for and at 08:00, nonetheless a perfect breakfast.

Short trip [by engine - no wind] to Musket Cove which seems very nice despite it being the 4th July (no-one has the heart to tell them that independence was granted on the ?29th June). 

Dr Dennis Burkitt ( a St. Thomas's man who also described a lymphoma) spent some of his life measuring the weight of african's stools (?Watutsi), I have to bow to his wisdom and now eat some disgusting bran stuff every so often. {not quite sure why I shared this with you}.




I heard about Musket Cove from a NZ as THE place to go in Fiji. It is in a bay on an island with moorings and a marina and thatched bungalows for shore based punters.There is a restaurant, bars, swimming pool, shop and 2 beaches with sun loungers. We are on the dock with shore power and independent of the poor ailing dinghy which is a treat after weeks of being at sea or anchored.

Slight downside is that our neighbours are from Brasil with about 10 people on board and two guitars...We are going out to dinner so never mind. I feel a bit guilty that I don't want to go to yet another beautiful bay with a beach and palm trees but variety is everything.