CR and KN Williams
Mon 26 Nov 2012 02:36
The trip by taxi to clear in was uneventful. As I looked at the slippery steps leading to the wonky jetty I was very glad not to have taken the dinghy option. We treated ourselves to a meal in a smart restaurant overlooking the properly blue sea and I started to think that this what it is all about. Crab in curry sauce and roast duck seemed to cheer Keith too.
I think we left Malaysia just in time, before the anti halal crusade really took off.
We are back in Boat Lagoon which is a huge marina with swimming pools, restaurants and lots of boat services and have hired bicycles. Keith's is very superior wit 'go faster' wheels. Mine is very old but I am pleased to find I can ride it without too much discomfort. Must be good physiotherapy.
We keep bumping into people we have met over the last few years and even went out for Sunday lunch . So far we haven't spotted anyone we wish to avoid.


Apart from the loo, little else has been mended but there are lots of things in hand.
Weather is a bit wet at times but very hot the rest of the time. Food is super.