waiting for a weather window

CR and KN Williams
Tue 13 Jul 2010 05:27
Tuesday 13 July
We have been waiting here in Port Denerau in Fiji for the SW wind to go back to the S and then SE. It is now backing and we will set off tomorrow for New Caledonia although the swell will still be SW . Rather than take the boat 40 miles to clear out we are paying customs a fee of £65 to come here. I'm glad we are not on a tight budget. Specially as we have used the time here to get a load of spares...a new gearbox dipstick for the engine was £75. The food has been excellent;Indan,Chinese and Italian and we are going for tapas tonight.
Not much to add really. Not many breakages (except this computer whose keyboard keeps on sticking with thousands of '9's)