CR and KN Williams
Sun 7 Apr 2013 12:06

36.50N 28.21E


Sunday 7th April, 2013


The transport ship is a bit like theatre staff, they’re best at thinking up reasons for not doing anything.

Yesterday they got 2 boats off all day and then said it might get rough so they stopped.

Today was forecast for 30knts gusting 50knts, so they did nothing at all despite it being flat calm from 06:00 to 10:00; now (15:00) it’s as predicted.

We are now aiming at Tuesday!


I’m repeating yesterday’s blog in the hope that the pictures might be in the correct place.


Saturday 6th April, 2013


Time and air-miles have passed since our last blog but little else, apart from seeing our grandchildren, has happened.


We have been in a nice hotel in Marmaris for 4 days waiting for our boat to arrive on the transport from Thailand, today it arrived! We probably won’t be unloaded until Sunday but we and our boat are both here.



We’re still out of season here which means the weather can be a bit iffy (v.i.) and the whole place is being repaired/rebuilt/repainted, including the roundabouts. Many restaurants are open but they only have half the things on the menu so it pays to ask first; they are however even more eager to tempt you in which is a bit tiresome. The promenade which is usually heaving is virtually deserted. Dozens of lads are smoothing and moving the beach, but the next wind (forecast for Sunday) undoes all their work. Still it keeps them all employed. Quite a few yachts out there but not of course as many as in July.




We had a lovely time for the last few weeks in Thailand with visitors including Martha and Zoe who particularly liked the prawns, chips and the swimming pool.


Loading the boat onto the Thorco Svenborg was somewhat stressful involving days of waiting. Loading could only occur at slack tide but the crew had to stop for lunch at 12.00. If the tide was running again by 13.30 that was too bad and involved more waiting.

We went back to freezing England for Easter and saw all the family which was lovely and are now waiting in Marmaris which is not hot in April but at least I don’t have to wear thermals and socks. It can get a bit blowy, this is from our hotel window with 30knts of wind.




Keith spotted the ship arriving from our hotel window which was very exciting but 19 hours later it is still a scene of masterly inactivity so we may unload tomorrow if we are lucky.