en route to Tonga

CR and KN Williams
Mon 7 Jun 2010 18:31
19.44S 166.46E
June 7th2010
No steady S.E trades in this part of the Pacific. One day it is idyllic with blue sky,fluffy white clouds and 12 knots on the beam..even the roast chicken is not trying to hurl itself out of the oven and then suddenly (why is it always at 3 a.m.) there are squalls and pouring rain. The wind shifts probably are predictable but not to us.
So one day of lying peacefully in the cockpit sunbathing and then we indulged ourselves with a favourite game:
Tightening the fan belt.
 Not as much fun as actually changing it but hey.
About half way to Tonga. 3 or 4 more daysto go.
Middle of last night the wind (such as it was) had backed so much we were heading for the Antarctic, so genoa in, engine on, get a bit north (and heat water,charge the batteries and go faster than 3kts)