Further south down the Costa del Sol

CR and KN Williams
Tue 29 Aug 2017 10:54

37.11N 01.49W

Garrucha, Monday 29th August, 2017

Longish 48nm hop yesterday with little headwind (<8kts) until within sight of the harbour when the wind got up to 25 kts, so the anemometer choose this moment to pack up! Forward looking depth sounder had already decided to go slow by giving only half the screen and ignoring half the soft keys.

The wind didn’t calm down so we refuelled and berthed in about 25+  kts of wind, just to remind me how difficult it can be. Fortunately we were alongside so the engine did most of the work.

When we arrived in the Caribbean years ago the Tack-Tick ( now Raymarine ) units packed up and it turned out we needed a different frequency in US-type waters ( 916 versus 869 in Europe ), so we changed to a dual frequency unit and 916. Since then we’ve a very few temporary problems (usually near military facilities ) but remained on 916 until yesterday when we went back to the European 869 and all is now well.

C says its quite a nice town that boasts a nearby nudist beach; I doubt I’ll give it a try.