CR and KN Williams
Mon 19 Nov 2012 01:01

6.22N 99.41E


Monday 19th November


It’s not getting better.


Our berth in Phuket is now unavailable because, despite having booked 4 months ago for a three month stay, they cancelled our booking because, thanks to a week’s delay in getting back in the water, we were late. I would be hopeless at negotiating so Clare will try to persuade them to change their mind.


The current list of breakages is:

Chart plotter (on which the radar is also displayed)

Macerator (which will be essential when we get to Turkey)

Shower drain

Electric horn


Air conditioner (which now fuses the pontoon if we switch it on)

2 computers

The outside VHF handset cable which has rotted within 9 months


½ of Clare’s legs

Plus, of course, as yet undiscovered disasters


Perhaps I should sell the boat and take up an allotment.

Australia were apparently given a win at Twickenham, but Lewis Hamilton won at Austin USA which can’t be bad.




I think Keith is just trying to be Eeyore. Most things are working and our blocked loo is sorted. The outlet hose was completely blocked for 5m. A great guy and 2 lads spent 2 days replacing it as the boat appeared to be built round it! At one point one of the lads was upside down in a locker with only his feet showing. I am glad we gave up after we had replaced the pump and valves.

We had a good trip from Pangkor to Langkawi. No wind but the engine worked well and we avoided all the weirdly lit (or unlit) fishing boats.

It is great being back in a marina we know. No hassle finding the good restaurants, shops, laundry etc.. Perhaps my sense of adventure is fading.