still in Los Roques

CR and KN Williams
Thu 21 Feb 2008 13:29
11.55N 66.39W
Thursday, 21/2
Must have travelled nearly a mile yesterday to a really nice bay the policeman recommended. It even has a restaurant with rather shady looking chaps who resemble the drug dealers in Crocodile Dundee; they eat lobster like a fox in a dustbin. Policeman spent the afternoon with us and took C snorkelling. Off to the western end of the islands today, 20 miles; Wow, Massive!
The locals, instead of playing volley ball on the beach like the French used to, show off how hunky they are by kite surfing in the waves on the reef.
The nice chap turned out to be the local police commandant and I think wanted a chance to practice his English. Very hard work. Keith wouldn't go snorkelling so I had to, but glad he was around.
This area is really amazing . Sheltered by the reefs the water is calm but still with a good breeze and the sea is every shade of blue and green imagineable.