Still in Marmaris - everything getting better

CR and KN Williams
Tue 21 May 2013 07:17

36.61N 28.17E


Tuesday 21st May 2013


Back from Blighty, C has had the metal out but still in pain, she says it’s a different pain though.

Loads of mending but the only big thing is the Fischer-Panda yet again. Waiting for a resident’s visa which will take about another week. Weather is great, cool and cloudy but no rain; I haven’t even set up the air conditioner yet. After 5 days a generator  bloke came yesterday and said it needed fresh air; he must be right because this morning it started! He did however remove the cover which only takes ½ hour upside-down in the locker to replace.




The generator seems to be like an old car which doesn’t like the cold. Turkey is hardly cold but in comparison with Thailand I suppose it is. The bloke is supposed to come back tomorrow so we are not sure whether we need him or not. I think I will spray everything with damp start !

I am slowly sleeping  less. Only about 12 hours a day and I am no longer white as a sheet so things are looking up.

Hopefully we can set off west at the end of the week.