from Lombok to Bali

CR and KN Williams
Wed 14 Sep 2011 00:48

08.22S 116.08E


Wednesday 14th September, 2011


Been in Lombok for a week now, not doing very much except mending things, shopping and the occasional visit to pottery factories, jewel shops and the like.

Big engine failed to start first time on a few occasions so we bit the bullet and changed both fuel filters including the one that’s the wrong size, “but don’t worry it’ll be all right”. One of our number gave an impromptu, Cliff Richard like, song recital the other night but sadly we missed it. A bit like Ricky Gervais in The Office – “he went back to the boat to get his guitar”.

Tonight is the big night with traditional dancing, speeches from local big-wigs, and the gala dinner. They put so much effort into it that it seems very rude to slope off.

Tomorrow we go to the Gili islands a few miles away which are apparently full of back-packers up to gills with mind altering substances. Clare wants to go (why?) Then a 12 hr. hop to Bali where I have high hopes of getting an iPad to replace the one that sank and an anchor to replace the one I abandoned plus many other spares and shopping. Clare is very excited about the thought of a Carrefour.

Electrics are playing up so the computers will only charge with the AC on.




I actually attended a basket weaving activity. My ‘handiwork’ skills haven’t improved since I was at school and I was bottom of the class. A nice local girl took pity on me and made most of my basket so I could proudly show Keith in time for lunch.


We have spent a couple of days at a nearby resort which currently has no guests [end of season] with a beautiful pool surrounded by bougainvillea and a nice restaurant which even sells wine by the glass at a reasonable price so that cheers up Keith.


We came here without stopping [48 hrs] and so got here before most people and have a mooring buoy very close to the jetty missing out on the crossed anchor chain fun that many are having. Leaving at crack of dawn and then stressing over getting to the next anchorage in good light and avoiding the reefs and not dragging the anchor for 5 or 6 days seems much harder work than a couple of ‘overnighters’.


The trusty 2 h.p. outboard has proved its worth again as we lent it to a Scottish boat while theirs was being mended. Very good for our morale to be able to help someone else instead of needing assistance. The Scottish dinghy needs twice daily pumping as well and we have lent them our spare pump. At least our new dinghy has stayed inflated so far so I am counting my blessings.

Another good thing is that we currently can make plenty of hot water and don’t have to carry gallons of water bottles and traipse ashore for a cold shower. I am sure I am tempting fate but feel that the fates need some appreciation!


We do, like everyone, have to carry endless jerrycans of diesel to the boat and filter it all into the tank. Despite all the filtering both our engine filters were filthy and since changing them the engine started first time thank goodness.