CR and KN Williams
Mon 15 Sep 2014 07:16

36.41N 28.02E
Sunday 14th September, 2014

Came to meet some OCC friends in Bozburun mooring next to them stern to against a high concrete quay. Lined up next to them and Clare dropped the anchor fortunately into the dinghy because when she rather shamefacedly pulled it back up, it promptly dropped off the chain back into the dinghy!


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This the reason, the 9mm bolt on the swivel just snapped. Yet another reason to think that 10 years might be the shelf life of a new boat. If the anchor hadn't been in the dinghy we'd have had to hire a diver to get it, as it was a nice Scandinavian climbed aboard whilst I kept the back off the concrete and we rafted up to our friends who then kindly laid the repaired anchor for us. To cap it all I then fell in the water and two Turks had to fish me out.
We were going to 20nm along the Datca peninsula to Ogan's place but Clare spotted 25 kts on the nose so we've 'anchored' in the bay and might try tomorrow.


We have found a replacement shackle but only 8ml so will replace it with a much bigger stainless 316 steel one in Bodrum. The previous time I pulled up the anchor we were in 20 m so that would have been a problem. In Bozburun harbour it was only 3.5m but no way could I have found the anchor and even less dragged 20kg to the surface or even tied a rope to it.
After shopping and some good meals we are now anchored outside with a cool breeze. I find it disconcerting having lots of gongoozlers while we are tied to the quay.
Were supposed to be attending an OCC rally but there were only 3 boats. Us, Reflections and Splinters Apprentice whom we had met in Thailand. A good evening.
Just getting the roast chicken out of the oven.


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