CR and KN Williams
Sun 25 Jul 2010 03:21
Sunday 25 July
Success! Keith appeared with 2 langoustes. Not actually wriggling but uncooked and chilled. They were delicious with armoricaine sauce made [by K] labour intensively with real tomatoes and basil and an old fashioned mouli.
Keith's other obsession for the last few weeks has been to get our horn working. He has been up the mast 3 times [not easy for senior citizens] and finally decided he had had enough and found a helpful frenchman who has bought a new one and fitted it. He sailed here from France via the red sea alone with his one year old son...washing terry nappies in sea water with a rinse in fresh water!  The mother has now taken the child off to Switzerland. 
Aiming to set off for Australia tomorrow or the next day depending how long it takes us to clear out.
The Frenchman also put 4 vertical battens into our mainsail so I expect to go much faster from here on.