Overnight to Lisbon

CR and KN Williams
Mon 20 Aug 2018 12:28

38.45N 9.05W

Lisbon, Monday 20th August, 2018

We arrived yesterday after a longish hop overnight from Lagos.

This is Cape St Vincent where we beat the Spanish and French in 1780 and again in 1797.
It got quite choppy there despite being almost flat calm for 10 miles before and after the Cape. Those English sailors had quite enough to do just getting there, let alone fighting a battle afterwards.

Lisbon is a strange place but on the whole we liked it on our first trip. We are in the East End of the city which, like London, is now a concrete desert. Most of the docks have gone to be replaced by bizarre artistic architecture with no people in it. The old town is long bus ride away and quite fun but again oddly featureless. They have a massive monument to “Discovery” on your in with loads of people climbing up it to their destiny; they look like a passport queue at LHR.


Lisbon is fun with nice cafes but nasty pickpockets. K’s wallet went, bit of cash plus 2 credit cards and driving license, relatively easily replaced. Not like the passport fiasco last year.