Los Roques

CR and KN Williams
Wed 20 Feb 2008 13:37
11.57N 66.41W
Wed 20 Feb, Los Roques
Fantastic beam reach overnight from Tortuga yesterday with 20kt winds and biggish seas, but did 100nm in 18hr with no problem. Spent the rest of the day checking in, a nice policeman came to check out our boat himself, that's a first. Crap dinghy has had a slow puncture for a day or so and the policeman's friend mended it. I celebrated the repair by falling in the water (twice); lost my specs but have a spare set. Off to the end of the island today (only 20nm).
The guy said he wanted to come in our dinghy to see our boat, before he had seen CD with one side half deflated. His face was magic.  All we wanted was a transit permit for Les Roques (fantastic coral reefs and islands ).We had to visit the guardacosta, then the National parks office, then the Guardia Civile who all wrote long entries in large books. Having decided that international smugglers don't have crap dinghies he then went off to find us some lobsters and reappeared with 30 lobsters pickled in a jar and 20litres of petrol in a can without a lid. Only $110US..money well spent.
 Keith (again)
He returned this morning with a litre of rum for which he refused to accept payment. Perhaps we should have a lobster party in the Summer, or if not open a restaurant.