Go West old man (and woman)

CR and KN Williams
Sat 30 Jun 2018 14:20

37.11N 7.20W

Isla Canela:  Saturday,  30th June, 2018

We are gently going West via Chipiona,  MazagonIn and Isla Canela.

In Chipiona I dinged my first pontoon light pedestal since back afloat, they were a bit cross but didn’t charge me anything.
In Mazagon we stayed for 3 nights because it was very windy. We had a trip to a fake harbour with the 3 Columbus boats and the monastery from which he set sail; actually all very good. I thought it would be impolitic to point out that he wasn’t Spanish, didn’t discovered America, and certainly wasn’t the first to even think he had.
Isla Canela was a nice upmarket marina with good tapas and fish. At low tide you could clearly see the mud but it was actually 1.7m.