drifting South

CR and KN Williams
Thu 25 Jun 2015 06:51

37.02N 22.07E


Wednesday, 24 June 2015


Gently plodding SW, perfect weather but no wind at all.

Sadly have to add masthead lights to the broken list and the anchor keeps jamming although Clare is in denial. I’m too old and lazy to go up the mast unless I have to, so when next in port we’ll get a young electrician to do it (the Windex needs replacing anyway). We ate Panulirus which was a bit tough but all right.



Lots of anchoring with the bow light on, but no Germans.


Went to Olympia which was superb.


This is the start line until some tosspot emporer (after 1000 years) cancelled them in 393AD.


And here is the Royal Box, everyone else (45,000) sat on wood.





There is no wind in the morning and then about 2pm it gets up to about 20kn. We were going to spend a couple of days at anchor but it is very wearing with the wind howling so we are heading for the marina

The trip to Olympia was lovely. We fortuitously timed it to arrive just as all the punters on a huge cruise ship were leaving.

Otherwise this W side of the Peleponese  is pretty uninspiring.