Nesting in Marmaris

CR and KN Williams
Sun 14 Apr 2013 10:16

36.61N 28.17E


Sunday 14th 2013


All is sorted. After the obligatory 48hr delay we were finally unloaded at 19:00 on Monday and are now tucked up in Netsel Marina. It’s all a bit smarter than it was 8 years ago, but is pretty much the same. I even had a haircut with flames in my ears!




After the 60 mph gale on Sunday unloading started at midnight in torrential rain without anyone being warned. One skipper refused to get out of bed at 1.30 am and caused a bit of a problem unloading round his boat as he refused to let the crew unload the boat for him. He was lucky the boat was unscathed in the morning. They then stopped unloading at 10am to go and sleep just when the rain stopped. Strange reasoning.

We were lucky and were warned to stand by at 6pm and the whole procedure went without a hitch. I didn’t even have to climb down the dodgy rope ladder as they let us step on board when Panulirus was level with the ship and we parked in Netsel marina as it was getting dark.


The next day a huge cruise ship came in which explained the sudden hurry to unload and leave.


We have a place next to the restaurants and wash block close to the town so it couldn’t be better. The Pineapple still does wonderful doner kebabs and the discos in Bar Street carry on till 4 am (not so good but our neighbour assures us that after a few days you don’t notice the noise).

Going home in 2 days to get the metalwork out of my leg and then looking forward to heading up to Istanbul in May.