Back on track

CR and KN Williams
Sat 18 Apr 2015 08:06

36.39N  27.37E


Saturday, 18 April 2015


We have been back in Turkey for 3 weeks and finally left Marmaris for the last time (perhaps).

It’s a little frustrating waiting for workmen to appear but on the whole they have been very good at mending all our broken gear. The only failure is (for the 3rd time yet again) the HRO water maker which is irreparable (I think it’s a bit cheeky to sell someone £10,000 worth of kit and then, 10 years later, declare that a vital part is obsolete but an upgrade at £3,000 is available).

The weather has been a bit bad with lots of wind and rain but we spent most of it in a splendid apartment whilst the boat was on the hard. Robert et al were meant to join us but a) he let a ¼ ton of horse fall on him and broke his leg, and b) forgot that his 5 yr olds passport only had 3 months left and couldn’t therefore fly. Sadly they couldn’t come but went to Salcombe instead.

We went to Ciftlik (where Martin famously came back from breakfast to say they had taken ALL his money [we had foolishly left the tab running whilst the teenagers spent all night drinking pinocoladas]). Then  Bozburun and Datca where we cleared out.

Weather is now OK and calm, so off to Kos.




In Cifllik. A bit noisy as they are rebuilding the jetty after last winter’s storms but still one of my favourite places. Making the most of Turkey before we head into Greece. Hopefully in April it won’t be busy so not like it was in our flotillas 30 years ago.