CR and KN Williams
Fri 14 Oct 2011 11:15
1.21N 103.38E
14th October, 2011
Had a not very exciting trip to Singapore. The highlight was being buzzed by what I assumed to have been the Indonesian plod in the dark with a thoroughly confusing set of nav lights. Eventually they got bored and went off at high speed to confuse someone else; thank god they weren't pirates!
We arrived slightly early at the southern side of the traffic separation zone of the Singapore Strait, so I had to dawdle for an hour or so before nipping across in daylight.
When we got to the northern end, the number of AIS signals was so great the chart-plotter virtually stopped. In the end I turned the AIS off and all was well; there must have been at least 200 moored vessels.
Now safely tied up, cleared in and have a Harvester-type meal under our tummies. We set off for the big smoke tomorrow.
I do like not exciting trips.
Not quite the end of this voyage. We are in Raffles Marina in Singapore (not sadly attached to the hotel) .When we return to England we will travel 5 nm across the Johor strait to Malaysia where we can leave the boat for a fraction of the price.Looking forward to a Singapore sling in the real Raffles.