duvet & oilies

CR and KN Williams
Thu 29 Jul 2010 02:02
Thursday 29th August
When we woke up yesterday the wind seemed to have dropped and the grib looked promising so off we went. Heading for a narrow pass out to sea with 25 knots of wind
I had definite misgivings. Luckily the swell was not much worse outside the lagoon for the first few hours and the sun was shining.
It then started to rain and a sneaky wave soaked me in the cockpit so it was full oilies . Going down to bed and snuggling into the duvet was bliss and I even found socks.
After 24 hours of 25/35 knot winds and big rolly waves everything has settled down. It is still chilly and there is a big swell but the sky is blue and the wind has settled to 18/22 knots behind us. We are disinclined to let out more sail yet but are going in the right direction at 5/6 knots. 
In the bookswap at Noumea I found an ancient P.G. Wodehouse which kept me chuckling during the night.