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CR and KN Williams
Sat 4 Apr 2009 00:27
Good day. K has changed the fanbelt with Guy as a trusty mechanic's apprentice and the engine is now reliably charging the batteries (was intermittent for the last 72 hrs )
Still very little wind( 3-6 knots) but have managed some sailing and the wind is no longer on the nose
Even the sextant is no longer such an enigma but hasn't yet shown me where we are. I have even managed some sunbathing..
Only 490 nm to Galapagos... slow going so far
I am now officially fitter than a Kwik-Fit fitter. Or is it faster? Maybe I'm both. Captain Skippy and I definitely bonded over the fan belt. And the fuel filter. And again over the dipstick... Mrs Skippy seems a little anxious about this but quite happy. I am much greasier today than yesterday. Partly due to the engine oil and diesel, and partly due to the vast amounts of suncream that I have re-applied for my long afternoon sun sessions. Sailing the Pacific is really hard work. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Have just seen a shark. Possibly a porpoise again. It had a fin anyway.
Grease Monkey Guido
The other triumph was to unjam to furling main after 24hrs which occupied many of my sleepless hours last night working out how best to do it without asking Guy to go up the mast. Lost the port flag line up to the spreaders but I wouldn't dare ask him to go up and get it (or do it myself). Even the generator seems to be improving.