moving from one side of Huahine to the other

CR and KN Williams
Mon 19 Oct 2009 20:49

16.43S 151.02W


Still in Huahine but moving today a massive 3 miles to the other end of the island.

This really is the nicest of the Society Islands so far, the food is excellent and the prices half those elsewhere.


I’ve been trying to prove there’s life in the old dog yet by climbing up the mast twice to mend the klaxon. Clare failed to record the events on camera. She did however suspend me by my albeit atrophied testicles whilst claiming the safety line was free (although 3 turns were clearly visible on the winch), and then calmly ask me if I would like any Muesli. I barely resisted an emetic reply.


A couple of top-tips:


If you install mast steps then do not, as I did, pick a figure of 2ft alternate sides out of thin air. This might be all right for young men and mountain goats, but 12-18” would be much kinder for fat old men.


Thermoretractile connectors are superb but don’t use them up the mast. The wind always seems to know when you’re going up and it’s impossible to light a lighter in 16kts of wind. I ended up plastering them with Sikaflex and hoping for the best. The horn does now, briefly, work.





At least K is safely down and not showing any obvious signs of a heart attack.