mid-Pacific (still)

CR and KN Williams
Mon 20 Apr 2009 02:09

6.49S 105.21W


Sunday, 19 April :Day 8


Actually we are 1/3 the way, so v/pleased.

Clawed back another gallon from quota so doing well despite up to 8hrs/day of engine at 1400rpm. Bit annoying because we don’t need it for propulsion with  a fantastic 16-24 knot winds from port quarter that means were doing >125 miles/day, Guy sez 140 yesterday and 153 today (this is sounding a bit Teignmouth Electron to me!).  Electricity still a major problem with no generator but Duogen back on line in water mode, so, with solar panels, should give around 140 amp hrs per day which is half what we use (I hope). Weather a bit cloudy with lots of overnight rain. Still warm though.




We are still alive. That’s all you really wanted to hear isn’t it?




K’s power sums are a bit variable but now the duogen is working we only need the engine for ½ as long which is great.

Very rolly but going fast.