Penultimate (for us) Ria

CR and KN Williams
Wed 26 Sep 2018 13:20

42.38N 8.56W

Caraminal, Monday 24th September, 2018

C had gone to all the trouble of putting the dinghy in the water last night but when we woke up the generator had packed up. We spent a couple of hours failing to mend it by which time the wind was up to 30 knts, so a trip to the beach seemed unwise.
The wind stayed like that all night and the anchor watch app ensured a good night’s sleep despite the howling noise. This morning the wind was no better so we nipped across the bay to a marina in the hope of finding some ’proper men’ to fix the generator and the horn. Bit of a faff mooring, not helped by a Spaniard who said (via his telephone translator) that we were in a ‘very bad place’ but that we should stay where we were! Turned out he ran the place and actually was really nice. He probably thought I was a spastic for hurting my knees jumping off onto the wrong pontoon; a little blood can go a long way. The horn has mended itself and the digital ammeters worked find when I turned an, admittedly obscure, switch on.