we are now half way round the world!

CR and KN Williams
Mon 28 Jun 2010 02:38
14:30 28 June 2010
Having moved from 179.59.999W to 180E I think this means we're half way!
Wind 6-11 kts astern, so had to motor for the last 2 days but now only 40 miles from Suva, Fiji ( Fiji is actually a vast group of islands some 200nm in both directions).
I started computing in 1964 and then, although it took forever to get a program working, once it worked it did the same thing each time, every time (right or wrong). Now my chart plotter does something different every time I start it; is this progress?
We are not allowed to stop at any islands until we have cleared in so are picking our way between unlit islands and reefs for 180nm before we get to Suva. It must have been a nightmare before GPS. The radar shows the islands very well but obviously not reefs and the moon makes the thought of a night arrival less daunting. Suva is supposed to be well lit but so far this trip less than 1/2 the lights and buoys on the chart are actually in place!
Keith had an uneventful birthday but we should be able to get a good curry as there is a large indigenous indian population in Fiji.