Bora Bora

CR and KN Williams
Fri 7 May 2010 20:41
16.30S 151.46W
7th May
Getting into here was quite fun. There is only one passe and the chart shows it as quite narrow (in retrospect it's quite wide) bounded by two port side reds and a starboard green.
On arrival there is only one red (?which one), another red well aground 2 miles away and no green at all ! With 25 knots (how does the wind always know?) we felt quite brave coming in.
When we found a buoy at the yacht club, the restaurant was closed, no ice in the bar and they didn't have a boat come and fetch us. All these ennuies were hanovers from the cyclone one month ago !
No-one would help with the dinghy so we set about it ourselves only to find that,half way through the task, the sealed one year old glue was already solid. We had a little old stuff left so used that and crossed our fingers; I'm not exactly hopeful!
Quite funny really sitting here in the lagoon stuck on the boat waiting for our dinghy repair to dry. Nowhere here seems to have the proper glue so we have used half a tube of old dinghy repair stuff and are hoping it will last for a bit anyway. Will try inflating it tomorrow. A water taxi here costs £70 so not an option ! Will try and attract the attention of someone in a dinghy if it doesnt work.
At least our new solar panels seem to be working well. The old ones disintegrated in the heat ! Perhaps they should have said ' do not expose to direct sunlight'.