safely in Darwin

CR and KN Williams
Sat 21 May 2011 06:38
12.27S 130.51E   
Saturday 21st April, 2011
A wonderful trip from Cape York, wind kept up and got us to the nasty passes just on time; quick by our standards. By luck all the tides of 3kts were with with us through both tricky passes (it's the sort of luck you get when Clare spends 8hrs poring over tide tables).
The only breakages were one diesel can that came adrift and the furling drum on the genoa which fell apart - not much really.
It's fantastic to be out of the tumble drier; I suppose I could have gone on if forced to, but 6 days/nights is enough for me. Sleeping is the worst bit. Clare partially solves the problem by sleeping fore&aft and using all the pillows in the boat to build an edifice which is a cross between a Lego Forth Road Bridge and a very cosy coffin. She can presumably breathe because she does (just) wake up 4 hrs later when it's her turn.  I just roll around and moan a lot.
The guy at the marina was surprised that we got here early for Sail Indonesia (he hasn't seen the breakages list yet) and that a woman was steering us in. Who says the Aussies are backward?
Good to be here. We anchored at 2 a.m. last night and the moon was out which was helpful. This morning we went to get diesel on the way to the marina, but the card machine was broken. A girl from a fisheries and quarantine boat let us use her fuel card and we gave her some cash instead. Just shows that these people can be really helpful and the lock keeper for the marina is delightful.
Now to start on sorting out the tip inside the boat but lunch and a cold beer first.