open sea

CR and KN Williams
Thu 15 Jul 2010 20:15
15 July 20:15
Yesterday was a bit of a shocker. I dont get sick thank goodness but horrid seas do induce a kind of lethargy where anything is too much trouble..even making a cup of coffee. I said it was like trying to eat on one of those awful rides at Chessington but Keith pointed out that I refuse to go on them so how could I know. 
Now we are away from the land the swell is less and the wind is [as forecast] on the beam so we had roast chicken and roast potatoes which cheered Keith up. We also have 500 miles with no reefs or islands to avoid which is great.
bit later and further
Quiet night at 2000rpm, no wind in all directions. Thankfully we've had 24hrs now not in a tumble-drier. 4 days to go