Islas de Margaritas

CR and KN Williams
Thu 7 Feb 2008 20:05
10.57N 63.50W
7th February
Margaritas is a strange place, some of it makes Neasden look sophisticated but other parts have really quite imaginative architecture. Unsurprisingly the older bits are the best. Although huge amounts of building is going on most of the high rise seems unoccupied or unfinished. Perhaps its like the Turkish scam when you get an enormous government subsidy until such time as you put a roof on!
DC generator has a mind of its own ( usually French i.e. : Non ). Despite having paid for a service in August, I have just drained a sump-full of thick black, very old, oil from it ( Torrey Canyon would be proud ). Next thing is to attack the fuel filters, but Clare only found out where they were this evening.
I just love being upside down in very small lockers but as we are setting off for 10 days through "idyllic" anchorages the generator would be good. Getting bolivars was interesting. It took us 4 cashpoints and 3 cards before we succeeded and then discovered we can get twice the xchange rate by changeing dollars ! So naive.
We have had a fortaste of life when we retire by going on the free bus to an out of town mall for a shopping trip. After driving through the set for Prime Suspect ( without Helen Mirren) we got to the Asda equivalent .K was not at his happiest. Specially as the cafeteria was dry.
On the up side everyone is very nice and friendly and we have found a very good restaurant close to the dinghy dock. Crap Dinghy is behaving but I am looking more and more seriously at the very small RIBs, if only I could find where to stow it.