... crossed the equator

CR and KN Williams
Sun 5 Apr 2009 17:51

0.08S 84.007W


5th april, Sunday


Crossed the equator at 03:00; Clare said I was not to wake everyone up so had a lonely can of Coke (NOT) to celebrate. Little bit of wind but 1kt of W going current so all looks better. Fancy dress (ugh). At least I no longer have to worry about hurricanes anymore, they only have little things like Cyclones and Typhoons south of the equator. Any way it really is true, in the Southern Hemisphere water actually comes OUT of the plughole.




We are officially in the southern hemisphere, if you can trust GPS. Personally I’m going to wait until noon when my trusty sextant will give me the only proof I now acknowledge. Nonetheless we cracked out the champagne and poured a libation to Neptune (or Poseidon for all you Hellenophiles) and marked the occasion with photos of Keith in his mankini. Despite his protestations above, he clearly relished the opportunity and I wouldn’t be surprised if he continues to wear it on a regular basis. Clare has preserved her dignity throughout. I am holding my own sparkly thong and the famous Michelangelo shorts in reserve for an even more special occasion.


Considering it is officially Winter in the southern hemisphere, the weather is still remarkably pleasant. Tropical, one might say. No icicles as yet in the forward cabin. The current has finally stopped dithering and has turned in our favour and the wind seems to have realised its raison d’être and had decided to blow. We are cruising at a zesty 4-5 knots at the moment. We are about to sit down to a marvellous fry-up and all is well with the world.


Pirate Guido


Wonderful dolphin show yesterday. About 12 doing synchronised swimming round and under the boat.

It is definitely winter now! K needed a fleece at 3 a.m. and I even had a rug on the bed for a couple of hours.

We have got lobby out. The wind is behind us …only 7-9 knots but we are doing 4.5 knots in the right direction. Brilliant..Galapagos here we come.