Cadiz for the next 6 months

CR and KN Williams
Tue 12 Sep 2017 17:14

36.35N 6.15W

Puerto Sherry (near Cadiz), Monday, 12th September, 2017

C was worried the wind might get up to 30 kts at midday so we left at 04:30. Masses of fishing boats on(in) the way, but no real problems; all the forecast tuna nets seem to have gone. We are here for a month now.

After a financial lull, the winch hit us with € 977 for a replacement regulator! Still, we’re not getting any younger, and have done enough winching for it no longer to be a pleasure. Food is thus far slightly above average and we apparently have 2 free days at a quayside hotel when the boat comes out, and again when it goes back in.


I didn't mind the 30kn, but did mind it being from the NW! It did turn NW at 2pm but only 12kn. Still not much fun on the nose and with a 2 knt current, so glad we left early. We have come to Puerto Sherry for the winter. Not in a scenic port but very sheltered. Gozo and Torrevieja were lovely but much too rolly. In fact this place is much nicer than I was expecting. A modern marina but busy and with restaurants, minimarket, chandleries and stuff.  


More later