nearly there (Tonga that is)

CR and KN Williams
Fri 11 Jun 2010 11:51
18.34S 173.27W
Thursday June 10
In daylight my flying fish was at least 1 1/2" long. Keith thinks I am bonkers but at least I didnt scream and wake him up!
Hopefully we should get to Nei'afu tomorrow. It should be Friday but the international dateline does a squiggle and so it will be Saturday. The theory is fine but it still does my head in.
The only fresh vegetables we have left are onions..definitely the vegetable of the voyage. I knew Aitutaki would not have much but with the market blown away and the monthly boat from N.Z. not due for another week there was nothing fresh in the shop on our side of the island. I suppose the hotels and restaurants must fly stuff in .
I'm not sure that vegetables from a monthly boat from NZ (ie an average age of at least 6 weeks)  qualifies as 'fresh', but who knows what goes on in commercial kitchens.
My only real complaint (is this a record?) is that the email which goes/comes to us at sea is via Iridium satellites. The salesman said a send/call transaction would take only a minute, which is true but only if it works first time. It usually takes me 20+ attempts ( at c. 2mins each) and 12hrs to get a good connection. Someone (including that fount of all truth and wisdom, the Press) did tell me that now the Cold War is over the satellites are slowly falling out of the sky and at USD 6 bn a throw no-one is replacing them. Apparently mail round here used to be delivered in biscuit tins which were thrown overboard and collected by a strong swimmer from the islands. This system worked well until 1931 when a shark ate the swimmer.