Anchoring near Faro

CR and KN Williams
Wed 4 Jul 2018 14:23

37.04N 8.15W

Albufeira, 4th July, 2018

We anchored in Ilha Culatra (near Faro) and then on to Albufeira. The wind was always on the nose, on the one time it wasn’t we sailed for a bit but gave up when it changed again.

We then had a moderately unhappy time near Faro dragging our anchor 4 times in 28 knots of wind. We used our electric outboard for the first time having got rid of the 10hp 2-stroke (apparently you can’t resell them in Spain without a bill of sale, so I doubt we’ll get anything for it). I thought the new electric was a bit underpowered but C says I’m being unfair since it was into a lot of waves and wind; it’s sold as a 3hp equivalent.
Albufeira  is pretty horrible with loads of fat, noisy, drunk, pink, tattooed English and Germans. Clare decided the anchor locker was a bit smelly from all the weed we’d picked up in Faro so gave it an enthusiastic rinse with water (it’s supposed to drain into the bilge). Sadly this soaked all the bedding and clothes in the front cabin and gave the bow thruster control card a road test which it failed.