Langkawi - last stop before Thailand

CR and KN Williams
Mon 20 Feb 2012 04:42

6.22N 99.41E


Monday 20th February, 2012


Now in a place called Telaga Harbour, where we will clear out of Malaysia before heading for Thailand. Relatively uneventful journey except the tachometer and battery charger broke again.

Very nice place with lots of good restaurants on site, including an Indian who makes a Vindaloo to order.
We plan on leaving tomorrow.




Telaga Harbour is on Langkawi which is a duty free island so we hired a car from the marina office to go and stock up. At only £12 a day I suppose we couldn’t expect much but were a bit surprised when a girl just handed us the keys with no mention of driving license or insurance.


The car had an engine and 4 wheels but there were holes in the seats and nothing else worked except the central locking. The button to deactivate it had broken off so we climbed out of the windows like the Dukes of Hazard! Later we realised you could use the key from the outside. Having got stressfully lost we located a wine warehouse and then gave up and went for a trip on a cable car. Giving back the keys was a huge relief. I realised how much I like taxis.


The restaurants are great. Tapas, live Chinese seafood and a rather out of place Russian [a bit stodgy].


It has been great just taking life gently but it will be good to get going tomorrow up to Phuket.