through the Corinth canal

CR and KN Williams
Sun 14 Jun 2015 08:15

38.2N 22.1E


Sunday 14th June


A moderately quiet couple of weeks. Still plagued by drunken Germans; they don’t like being called HitlerJugend.

The repairs list is close to zero (but not quite); our success list includes fridge, Duogen, running lights and echopilot. Still to come are the watermaker, windex and solar panel wiring.


The Corinth canal was awesome (though not quite on the scale of the Panama) and was hassle free.


Since then we’re just motoring west (no wind) and hopefully missing out on a few Germans (I asked one of them whether he spoke English and he said Ja, so I said ***k off).





Keiths xenophobia is amazing. Not ideal for someone who spends so much time travelling. A bloke we met who also has an Island Packet told us that in Australia they say that most people equip their boats and then set sail but the French set sail in order to equip their boats. Apparently in a marina in Darwin they are all placed together in one corner.

It is now proper hot summer and the meltem is setting in so heading West it pays to start early in the morning. Difficult this morning as the local bar last night played loud music until dawn with the punters all leaving on motorbikes with much raucous shouting.

Today we are in a lovely island called Trizonia and had an excellent Sunday lunch. The taverna was so busy with Greek day trippers the whole family was rushing around serving with Papa orchestrating the event very efficiently.





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