safe in Athens

CR and KN Williams
Tue 19 May 2015 08:38

37.56N 23.39E


Tuesday 19/5/2015


We’ve had  a moderately grim time for the last week. We were holed up in a place called Ermioni with 40 kt winds and loads of advice from all and sundry. We were plagued by drunken, incompetent Germans who kept on telling us we must move our mooring lines so they could get their massive catamaran in. They only pulled our anchor up once. We only moved once and then stayed put but others (including a blue ensign!) moved several times to escape the wind, and he got a rope round his prop in 35kt, poor chap. It even rained. We are finally in Athens where we stay for 3 weeks, returning to England next week. My previous low opinion of Greek cooking has proven to be due to poor menu selection and we’ve had some lovely meals out including Indian and Thai. Gently plodding through the repairs list, so far without causing even more damage.




I think k is being a bit Eeyorish! The wind and rain were a bit grim but we have since had lovely warm sun and spent 2 days anchored in an empty bay near Poros. The water is still only 19 deg so much too cold for me to swim but hopefully when we come back in June it will have warmed up. It was nice to escape from other boats. The noisiest are charter boats with 6 or 8 people on board all shouting at once. Second time we laid our anchor so far out they didn’t manage to drag it up with theirs!

We have visited the Acropolis which was a bit underwhelming being full of scaffolding and you can’t go into the Parthenon. Then we had a trip round the sights on a ‘petit train’ and a lovely lunch in a shady square. The marina in Piraeus is a bit noisy but very helpful and in the middle of shops and restaurants.