Taha / Raiatea

CR and KN Williams
Mon 26 Oct 2009 19:08

16.39S 151.28W


We are in Taha, only a few miles from our resting place for the cyclone season.

Lovely sail most the way from Huahine with 18kts on the beam.

Horn is still working and have finally solved the HRO fresh water flush problem – missing relay! Clare has recalibrated the battery monitor so even it tells the generator what to do.




We are in a lovely bay with a view of the reef and the lagoon. We have picked up a buoy off a small hotel/restaurant which is also a turtle sanctuary. When we appeared for lunch the local rugby team had come for a picnic.

No sign of a menu…the owner went to the kitchen and said he could offer us a salad followed by mahi mahi. Keith actually ate the salad [!] and the fish was the best I have had out here.

Have to start cleaning and getting ready to leave the boat for 6 months next week so will just chill out for the next couple of days. K hasn’t even got anything to mend.